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To call myself a blogger feels all too millennial. Instead, I consider this portion of my website to be part knowledge library, part design magazine and part entreprenurial-digital-nomad travel journal. Hope you enjoy reading my musings!


Total Scam or Marketing Genius: Sunny Co Clothing

If you have been on instagram at all in the last 24 hours, chances are you've seen this image. Sunny Co Clothing writes on their instagram:

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.44.35 PM.png

Sharing is Caring 💕

EVERYONE that reposts and tags us in this picture within the next 24 HOURS will receive a FREE Pamela Sunny Suit 👙👏🏻 Offer only valid in 🇺🇸 Promo ends 5/3/17 @ 3pm MST *Must pay shipping+handling 💸

This promotion is sponsored by @twazerapp 
After 24 hr. everyone who reposted and tagged us will be receiving a code and they will be able to use it on our website for the free check out 💕

I mean they got me! Who doesn't love free stuff! BUT do you think it's real? Within a 24 hour period (and it's not over yet) there have been 100k+ shares and tags of this image. Are they going to give out 100k bathing suits? Here are my thoughts. 

COST FACTOR. The bathing suit itself is listed for $65 on the website. This one is FREE but if you read the caption it says you must pay shipping and handling. That most likely covers the cost of manufacturing the actual bathing suit. All my seasons of shark tank knowledge tells me that this bathing suit costs probably less than $10 to produce. 

INCREASE TRAFFIC BUILDING THEIR CLIENT BASE VIA EMAIL. If you do get the code to buy the suit for free, you only have 24 hours to do so via their website, which is going to drive huge numbers of clients to shop their brand. Also in order to check out, you'll probably have to put in some personal info like name, age, address, email. This all becomes analytics for the brand to use in targeted ads. 

BRAND AWARENESS AND FOLLOWING. In less than 24 hours, the insta page alone gained 15k new followers! On top of that they have reached a clientelle that may not have seen their posts otherwise. Because a lot of people don't explore other pages or brands on instagram, but only use it as a platform to share personal images, they are now exposed to it via their friends reposting the image. Not to mention, if they deliver on their promise, they've got 100k girls wearing their swimsuits this summer. 

ANY PRESS IS GOOD PRESS? If this blows up in their face (a la Fyre Festival) we're still going to talk about it, right? The follower growth ALONE just made this worth the effort. Now we wait and see which brands are going to follow suit (pun intended) and do the same!