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"Highly Recommend"

“I hired Michelle to set up some business welcome documents and WTE documents. She did a fabulous job, understood my branding and aesthetic, and was super patient when I needed some time to review (because life and business got in the way!). She is very efficient and easy to work with. I also hired her to set up a questionnaire on my square space page and it was so fast and efficient! Highly recommend.”

- Megan B.

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"Hiring Michelle at MKW Graphics was the best decision I could make"

“I recently started my own architecture business and hiring Michelle at MKW Graphics was the best decision I could make. Not only has she been wonderful to work with, her designs and ideas are more creative than I could have ever imagined. She has stayed on top of everything and has shared ideas that I am so grateful for. Not only does she master the graphics and design, her business knowledge is outstanding and very helpful. I would highly recommend her and I know when needed I will chose to use her in the future.”

- Danielle Divittorio, Divittorio Architecture + Design

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"She's a Real Pro."

“I love Michelle's work. I own 2 businesses that she does a lot of work for. She's a real pro. I LOVE that she understands my desire for perfection and is totally cool with rounds of design changes. She takes feedback well, and just makes changes I ask for without hesitation. Her rates are reasonable too. Go Michelle!”

- Cat K.

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“We entrusted MKW to handle our entire social media campaign for the World Famous Fiesta del Sol in Solana Beach. We had over 50,000 people attend this two day event and Michelle's expertly executed social media campaigns were flawless. Everything was perfectly timed and visually engaging. Her efforts more than doubled our reach and during the event, Michelle and the MKW team worked tirelessly with their 'street team' to engage the attendees, chalk the streets and create the 'live buzz' that was so important in the success of the event. We could not be happier and look forward to working with MKW on many projects to come.

- Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce

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"Pleasure to Work With"

“Just wanted to give a shout out to Michelle Wintersteen of MKW graphics for designing our team logo for the 3-day Susan G. Komen walk. Not only did she generously donate her time, she came up with several different options to choose from and was always quick in her communication with us. She was such a pleasure to work with and we love the design!”

- Milena S.

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"Her Eye and Clear Branding is Amazing"

“I worked with MKW on a special project over a time period of 6 months. It included serval targeted marketing campaigns, graphics for them as well as printed and social media materials. 
Everything was streamlined from conception to completion and I can't say enough of her design style & passion. Her eye and clear branding is amazing. Everything was uniform & consistent. 
I highly recommend her for any graphic support (branding, graphics, etc) including web site design.”

- Allison A.

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"True Pleasure"

“Working with Michelle, has been a true pleasure. We started working together on a quick turnaround project where I needed a branded piece for a speaking event, and she nailed it. Not only did she create an amazing piece with my brand colors, she quickly was able to understand my vision and give me advise on the quickest way to get them printed and ready for my event. She has also done a 20 page document (guide) for me and is great at the details. I would highly recommend Michelle! We will be working together again for sure in the future!”

- Monique M.

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"Michelle did an Excellent Job"

“Michelle did a fantastic job of making a print of our two dogs. Not only does the print look like our dogs, but she did it so quickly and was very accommodating to minor edits that we wanted done. I loved our print so much that I have her make a custom print for my friend's wedding of bride and groom french bulldogs that look like my friend's frenchie and mine. Once again Michelle did an excellent job of taking an idea I had and turning it into a print. I am so excited to give the print to our friends for their wedding! If you want cool prints for you house I highly recommend Michelle. Her Doodleheads one the site are great, but what I love even more is that she is more than willing to customize them.”

- Sarah K.

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"Insightful and Thoughtful"

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Michelle on a recent logo design project. She was not only incredibly attentive and professional but she also really knows her stuff. Not to mention, she's an absolute joy to work with! It's refreshing to meet a designer that emphasizes the importance of building a strong brand and message. She is insightful and thoughtful when it comes to understanding the marketing side of branding as well. Overall, Michelle is a solid (all-encompassing) brand strategist + designer, and I am excited to collaborate with her again!”

- Allison S., Assure Concierge

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"Don't underestimate this girl"

“Michelle is fabulously talented, Don't underestimate this girl. She claims to be a graphic designer but she is so so much more. A keen eye for detail and design is complemented by an ear for social media and all the ins and outs of how to get your name, and your brand out there. Fun to work with and super organized. Could ask for more? Nope!”

- Judith T.

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